Download Latest GIFOX 1.4.0 MAC CRACK TORRENT With Serial Key

GIFOX 1.4.0 MAC CRACK TORRENT is specially developed software that helps you record your screen and make gif images using that recorded file. This is an awesome advantage who wants to make gif images for any reason. Another advantage of this software is you can easily select a specific area to record and make gif file of that area. Using this opportunity, you can make any gif images easily. This software allows micro screen record option that also helps variously.

Download Latest GIFOX 1.4.0 MAC CRACK TORRENT With Serial Key

You don’t need any Gifox 1.4.0 Mac Crack Torrent serial key to activate the software. Because this is a freeware and you can easily install the software on any MAC operating system. You can easily control the image quality and file size as well. Using the software you can share the output in a various platforms like Imgur, Google Drive and more. This is really convenient way to share the images. You can save the output file in your hard drive as well.

Any type of MAC device like desktop and mobile devices you can use to install the software and its really easy to use for its pretty user interface. Using the drag-drop button you can easily manage the files. This will help you making gif images very fast. Using the camera you can easily record and make gif file also. Both screen recording and camera recording make the software more helpful for users. You can create gif images in either way.

PC Requirement For GIFOX 1.4.0 MAC CRACK TORRENT

  • You Need MAC Operating System To Install The Software
  • Perform Really Fast With A Supportive PC Configuration
  • 1 GB RAM Recommended With 1GHz Processor
  • No Screen Resolution Required


  • Multiple Demo Available That You Can Use
  • Drag-Drop Use Opportunity
  • Advanced Typography And Bartender 3 Support
  • Crash Recovery Option That Helps To Recover Your File When Unexpected Error Happens
  • Record Specific Area Or Full-Screen Record
  • Manage File Size When Output Is Generating


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